50th Anniversary of the Goal of the Century

It’s Here! September 2nd, 1972, the beginning of the greatest Hockey Series in history; “The Series of the Century”. Featuring team Canada and the Soviet Union (for those not old enough, today known as Russia), IT RESULTED IN THE greatest moment in hockey history, Paul Henderson’s ‘GOAL of the CENTURY’. 2022 now marks the 50th Anniversary of this historic series.

For those of who were alive to witness it, it truly is awesome to realize it was 50 years ago, September 28th, 1972 when Paul Henderson scored the series winning goal, which is still recognized as “The Goal of the Century”. Ficel Marketing, who have been fortunate to work with Paul for over 25 years, is commemorating this historical moment in Canadian history with a Limited line of Personally Autographed collectibles.

Autographed product is numbered, extremely Limited, Authentically signed by Paul Henderson, and comes with a “Certificate of Authenticity”. Heritage Hockey, a division of Ficel Marketing, has designed all of these products specifically for this occasion. All product comes under the brand name “Goal of the Century”, the official sponsor of the 50th Anniversary of “The Goal of the Century”.




During the celebration we will have more announcements for upcoming events and special promotions. Be the first to collect these unique collectibles, and Celebrate this Wonderful Moment in Canada’s History.


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